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Doug Keeley

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Master Storyteller, Serial Entrepreneur and Leadership Expert

Doug Keeley, CEO and Chief Storyteller of The Mark of a Leader, is one of North America’s leading communicators, a serial entrepreneur, and a self-professed leadership junkie.


Five Powerful Story Programs
The Mark of a Leader has become the “go to” program for organizations that want to create a memorable and lasting conference or program. Our library of inspiring leadership stories, interactive exercises, and customized workshops is unique and unforgettable. There are five core programs, each crafted and customized to every client and audience. All of these subjects include materials for a keynote, MC engagement, and workshop.

Five-Level Leadership
Fully engaged leaders with fully engaged teams get better results. This presentation shows how engaging people on all five of their levels (Spirit, Imagination, Intellect, Heart and Hands) is the premise of great performance, and gives powerful insights into how to make it happen.

Delivering a Great Customer Experience
If you are not constantly measuring and improving your customer experience,As a Host/MC, Doug challenges, teaches, and inspires your audience to do whatever it is you want them to do. you’re giving your competition a gift. But Customer Experience must be cultural in order to be great. This presentation shows not only how some of the world’s best “experience” organizations do it well, but also some concepts and best practices to make your Customer Experience a cultural asset.

Moving from ‘Me’ to ‘We’
A leader’s most important job is to help others to be their best. But in many organizations, internal competition, silos, and ego make this impossible: there is no “we”. This program examines new ways to create better team cultures, and shows how collaboration has been the foundation of all great world-changing activities.

Platform Plus

As a Host/MC, Doug challenges, teaches, and inspires your audience to do whatever it is you want them to do.
  • Your stories injected energy and creative thinking through the meeting. The way you customized them to the Frito Lay messages for the year really hit home. These stories were truly inspirational to our teams and helped us reinforce our objectives in a unique and powerful way.

    - President, Frito Lay Canada
  • By far one of the most effective, motivational speakers I have ever heard. Retaining information from presentations is always a challenge. Because his presentation was so visual, emotional and energetic, I will retain most of it

    - Janssen Inc.
  • If your organization is ready for inspired leaders - and never before have we needed leaders more - then use The Mark of a Leader. It will help take your corporation from where you are to where you want to be.

    - Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • You hit a huge home run! That was incredible. You could tell how well your General Session presentation was received by the fact that your breakout session afterwards was filled to capacity. I will recommend you to anyone looking for an inspiring and unique presentation for their conference.

    - American Health Information Management Association
  • Doug was great!! We have a lot of Keynote Addresses where presenters say they get camp and the idea of camp, but they really don’t. Doug nailed it!!They loved him, they loved is presentation and they loved the theme behind his presentation, we all have something special to give no matter how big or how small the offering.

    - Executive Director, Ontario Camps Association

Summary Profile

Doug Keeley, CEO and Chief Storyteller of The Mark of a Leader, is one of North America’s leading communicators, a serial entrepreneur, and a self-professed “leadership junkie”. He is an acknowledged expert at creating cultures of leadership at every level of organizations.

Doug started his first business in 1977, and quickly became a pioneer in the global marketing and communications industry, particularly in multimedia, live events, television, and the Internet. His companies have become creative powerhouses, and he has traveled the globe working with many of the world’s top corporations and executives.

Today Doug is one of the most sought-after speakers in North America with a unique, story-based presentation format that combines mesmerizing video and music, making the experience unforgettable! His amazing story vignettes feature great leaders and brands from the world of arts, entertainment, sports, politics, business, and philanthropy. They range from Oprah to The Beatles, Lance Armstrong to Sir Winston Churchill, Cirque du Soleil to Starbucks, and dozens more. The program is unlike anything else in the market as it can be used as a keynote, as interstitials throughout a conference, or as the base on which to build workshops. 

His incredible blue chip client list includes ADP, Bank of America, Coca Cola, Disney, FritoLay, General Mills, HP, Lego, Microsoft, Pepsi-QTG, Scotiabank, Starbucks, Universal Studios, Xerox, and many other leading corporations, associations, and schools. Most of them have used The Mark of a Leader several times. He has a book of inspiring stories, has authored many magazine features and columns, has appeared as a subject expert in several books on creativity and corporate culture, and been interviewed many times on radio and television on the subjects of leadership and innovation. If you are looking for something totally different and incredibly powerful for your next conference, The Mark of a Leader is the anwer.