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Dan Trommater

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Wellbeing, Teamwork & Empathy Programs Delivered by a World-Class Magician

Dan Trommater is not your ordinary miracle worker. His programs are interactive experiences that combine world-class magic and humor to teach practical tools that improve communication, teamwork, and leadership at every level. With empathy at the core of all his work, Dan is passionate about helping people push past limitations and live more fulfilling lives. By sharing practical tools from the field of Positive Psychology, he delivers thought-provoking and captivating programs that help organizations improve communication and collaboration at all levels. Dan will empower your audience to shift their thinking, gain new perspectives, and find better solutions.


We’ve Always Done It That Way – Challenge Assumptions and Embrace the Growth Mindset
The world is changing. “We’ve always done it that way” doesn’t cut it. The thinking, processes, and attitudes that got us where we are have served their purpose. Now it’s time to shift our thinking and take the next steps to succeed. Dan Trommater has been helping people challenge deeply held assumptions for over 20 years. He uses eye-popping magic, stories, and optical illusions as powerful visual metaphors to grab you by the brain and gently shake. This is not only thoroughly engaging and a lot of fun, but it also empowers each person in the room to apply the learning in their own lives. As part of this interactive presentation, Dan shares insights on the growth mindset to help leaders, managers, and team members shift their attention from the limits of “problems” to the untapped potential of “possibilities.”

Participants will leave with these transformative takeaways:
• How to get out of the “same-old-thinking-rut” and find new solutions to pressing problems.
• How to identify and challenge the limiting assumptions that hold us back.
• How to embrace the growth mindset to boost performance in all areas of life.

Empathy’s Magic Power – The Key to Clear Communication and Compelling Leadership
What if you could magically see the world through someone else’s eyes? In our increasingly individualized society, it can be so easy to forget that your ‘truth’ isn’t universal. What’s obvious to you might be invisible to others (and vice-versa.) With over 20 years of experience creating and delivering presentations for a wide spectrum of audiences, Dan Trommater understands the vital importance of seeing the world from others’ perspectives.

In this program, Dan will use magic, optical illusions, and interactive exercises to illustrate the transformative power of empathy. He’ll demonstrate the fallibility of our narrow perspective and teach practical tools to widen our understanding of others’ needs and motivations. This program will empower participants to see the world from fresh perspectives, unlocking new levels of leadership, communication, and collaboration. Leaders, sales professionals, and anyone who works with others will benefit from these takeaways:

• How to recognize when your perception of the world differs from others’, then apply practical tools to build a bridge of understanding.
• How to ask better questions before offering solutions.
• How to overcome the barriers to empathy and create better relationships.

Empathy, Vulnerability, and Gratitude – Essential Skills for Teams, Leaders and Managers
Every organization has people with job-specific ‘hard skills’ to get the work done. But no matter how competent staff is at the nuts and bolts of their roles, those technical abilities aren’t enough to make for a thriving, collaborative workplace. For that, we need to focus on ‘soft’ skills to create a positive environment and forge real connections between colleagues, leadership, and clients. Dan Trommater has spent his career helping people tap into these overlooked skills.

In this program, participants will explore the value of empathy (to create better solutions for others), vulnerability (to forge deeper, more authentic relationships), and gratitude (to build a more positive atmosphere.) Dan will present compelling demonstrations and data from the field of positive psychology to show just how transformative these concepts can be. These crucial soft skills amplify teams’ job-specific skills and lead to a more collaborative, positive, and productive workplace.

Participants will learn:
• How to create a daily gratitude practice so they can shift their focus from problem to possibility.
• How to tap into voluntary vulnerability to discover the deep connections that result from being authentic.
• How to become more empathetic, which in turn leads to better collaboration, increased customer service, and clear communication.

The Science of Well-Being – Thriving Through Positive Psychology
In an increasingly complex and hectic world, people are becoming more and more stressed, depressed, and overwhelmed. Fortunately, the field of positive psychology provides us with tools to counter these trends. Dan Trommater speaks from experience. He’s applied positive psychology in his own life to overcome setbacks and is passionate about sharing these life-changing techniques.

Based on rigorous scientific research, the field of Positive Psychology is devoted to the study of what makes for a flourishing life. In this fun and informative presentation, Dan will explain the PERMAH model (Positivity, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement, and Health) and show how you can put it to use at work and home. Using magic as visual metaphors, Dan will illustrate the transformative power of this exciting field. Moving beyond the science, you’ll get hands-on experience with practical tools and techniques to help you not only survive, but thrive.

Key takeaways:
• Practical tools to improve quality of life, mental health, and physical vitality.
• How to identify and tap into your strengths to produce better results with less effort.
• Strategies to increase connection and collaboration with others at work at home.

Platform Plus

Workshop | Conjuring Creativity Increase Innovation And Think Outside The Box
Many people consider creativity to be a magical, mystical gift for a blessed few. In fact, everyone can learn to become more creative. In today’s world, more creativity means more productivity, innovation and profitability. This interactive workshop teaches skills, tricks and tips that can be applied right away to increase creative output. Hands-on activities will allow participants to embrace the creative process and try out practical techniques right in the workshop. If desired, time can be dedicated to working on a creative problem that your team is facing right now. Working both individually and in groups, participants will apply tested theories for maximizing creative output, then the workshop culminates in groups working together to create their own magic tricks! Participants will leave empowered with a positive attitude, practical creativity tools and a new way of looking at problem solving.
Workshop | Sell More With Soft Skills
70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. Getting the buyer to say “yes” depends on building rapport and trust. That’s not always simple. The focus of this interactive workshop is helping salespeople become better at sales through the application of soft skills. These skills will also have a positive effect upon their entire work and personal life. They will learn to improve communication, boost their listening and better serve the people around them.
  • Dan was wonderful to work with; he interviewed me to make sure that the message he delivered was exactly what I wanted - and that’s exactly what he gave me. His presentation kicked off our conference in a fun, imaginative way while delivering important messages that were right on target. My team was able to see the importance of making changes to how we do account management to create an exceptional and enhanced customer experience.

    - Director, Ceridian Canada Ltd.
  • We hired Dan to do a really special presentation for our sales team at our national sales meeting and I couldn't be happier with the results. The session was completely engaging with everyone actively participating. At times, you could hear a pin drop. Dan's use of magic throughout the program to support the theme of 'expanding how you think' is very valuable. We will carry these ideas forward with us for a long time.

    - General Manager, ITW Construction
  • Dan's magic drove home key messages on leading change in a way that was entertaining, insightful, and relevant.

    - Human Resources Advisor, Ontario Power Generation
  • Dan was born for this. His presence on stage is powerful and engaging, and his interactive presentation had the crowd on the edge of their seats, wide-eyed and eager for his next move. I was blown away by his ability to connect with our 400 person audience and show them that their perceptions and assumptions have an incredibly powerful impact on their journey through life.

    - Student, University of Toronto
  • Dan was wonderful. He didn't pretend to be an expert at our profession, but through careful pre-interviews, he made his content very relevant to our group. And let's face it, magic is awesome. Dan uses magic to communicate valuable content expertly. It all comes down to communication and perspective. I was just enthralled.

    - Chair, Canadian Decorators' Association

Summary Profile

Using humour, stories, and eye-popping magic, Dan will grab you by the brain and gently shake. This allows all your stale thinking patterns to fall away so you can discover new solutions, connections and strategies. Dan’s presentation style is warm, funny and voluntarily vulnerable. Far from a talking-head, Dan’s interactive approach transforms “audiences” into “participants”. He’s truly a great speaker who does magic (not the other way around).

Dan’s education in photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology lead him into teaching. Then magic hijacked his life and he combined his passions of education and entertainment. Throughout his career, Dan has used magic to not only create wonder but to act as a powerful visual metaphor and create deeper learning. A lifelong learner, Dan has studied positive psychology and its practical application to create thriving lives. He’s earned a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology from The Flourishing Center in New York City. Building upon that education, he’s gone on to become certified in Applied Positive Psychology Coaching and now works with a select group of coaching clients to help them move from where they are, to where they want to be in their lives.

As is the case with many speakers and trainers, Dan can captivate a room. He uses that ability to shine the light back on the other people in the room, helping them see themselves, their struggles and their opportunities in new, more empowering ways. Dan believes that every person can be better, and he’s passionate about helping. Whether it’s as a keynote speaker, trainer or coach, he helps others become better in all areas of their lives.

With content grounded in universal truth, (he calls it “Human 101”), Dan presents for all sizes, shapes, and styles of organizations. Global companies like Eli Lilly, Roche, Caterpillar, and Bank of Montreal love his ability to blend in seamlessly with their corporate culture, using appropriate language and stories.  He also regularly works with Associations like the Human Resources Professionals Association and Professional Conference Management Association; Governmental Agencies like the Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto; and educational institutions like the Rotman School of Management and the University of Southern California; helping them create compelling events with long-lasting takeaways.