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Anna Maria Tremonti


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Journalist, Podcaster & 17 Season Host of 'The Current'

For 17 years, Anna Maria Tremonti hosted CBC Radio One’s The Current, where her mix of hard-edged journalism and hard-won empathy helped build the show into Canada’s most listened-to radio program. Her recognizable voice, thoughtful questions, and her approach to finding the humanity in the people you meet, drew listeners in.


Connecting the Dots: Current Events To Future Opportunities
Anna Maria Tremonti has spent her career at the forefront of Canadian and world events. She sees the patterns in how our world is evolving, anticipates what will make an impact, resonate with humanity, and the resulting chain reactions that will shape our future. Customized to suit your audience and event, she’ll share her perspectives on the context of where we’ve come from, the relevance of our current era, and the direction she senses for our future to help you and your organization make connections.

Key Takeaways:
• How to find good quality information & resources you can trust.
• The ways human interaction can be used to positively affect the future.
• How to empower others to live differently & connect their own dots.

Technology & Truth in this Information Age
We’re in an era of information overload with access to more ideas & opinions than ever before. Technology has proven to be a double-edged sword; it has empowered citizen journalists to upload videos of uprisings and injustice but also contributed to the rise of hate-fueled fake news that deliberately misinforms. With such dramatic changes to the delivery of information, we wonder how best to get to the truth? What sources are reliable? What questions should we be asking? Using examples from news journalism and social media, Anna Maria highlights the impact of technology in the collection, distribution, and access of information, and how it’s affected every aspect of our lives, our organizations and society. She shares the value of being open to the truth, asking the right questions, understanding bias, listening, rejecting the trolls, and holding each other accountable to our shared values for a more humane future. During this very polarizing time, exposing the truth and fostering understanding is more important than ever.

Key Takeaways:
• A framework for approaching new information.
• How to ask the right questions.

The Power of Listening
People have told Anna Maria the most amazing things. Their stories, what they think, how they think, their fears, their experiences, and even their controversies. She’s discovered that you get things you don’t expect by listening. Not simply the physical act, but by truly hearing and acting on what is being said.

Soft skills or essential skills, like listening, are considered to be among the most required in our new era of automation. In this presentation, Anna Maria shares her insights as one of the world’s most skilled interviewers to show audiences practical ways to improve their asking & listening skills. The result? Your audience will be empowered to make the connections between the seemingly little dots and the big events. They will be better informed about the situation at hand. This presentation is ideal for leaders, sales, human resources professionals, healthcare workers, journalists, lawyers and anyone who requires conversation-based research to excel within their role.

Key Takeaways:
• Communication tactics for asking good questions.
• The power of silence & how to listen for the message in what you don’t hear.
• How to apply the essential skills contained within an interviewers toolkit.


Adrienne Clarkson Diversity Award

Amnesty International Canada Media Award
Canadian Journalism Foundation's Excellence in Journalism Award

  • ‘She’s been a beacon of truth telling and truth seeking. Tremonti doesn't shy away from nuance and complexity but rather investigates why such complexity exists. Her brand of journalism is premised on a measured approach to truth seeking that is essential in our increasingly polarized political and social context.

    Tremonti’s career demonstrates her commitment to journalism and how she encourages knowledge sharing, public dialogue, and social transformation. - From the introduction to her Convocation Speech at Royal Roads University

Summary Profile

Until very recently, listeners from around the world were privileged to listen to Anna Maria Tremonti’s compelling interviews each & every day on Canada’s most popular radio program, “The Current”. She has the gift of tackling everything from the politics of the day, to the changes that affect our society, to the stories of individuals whose personal journeys and traumas affect us all. Without a doubt, every dedicated listener has been consistently moved and inspired by Anna Maria’s genuine approach to interviewing.

A masterful storyteller, Tremonti delivers talks that touch the human spirit and captivate audiences.

After 17 years at the helm and as a two-time Gemini Award winner, now Anna Maria is taking a leap into the world of digital communication with a new way of telling stories and sharing ideas, through original podcasts that will illuminate, challenge and surprise.

Anna Maria is also a former foreign correspondent and war correspondent who spent close to a decade posted in Berlin, London, Jerusalem and Washington. Her ongoing coverage of major international stories includes the breakup of the former Soviet Union, the war in Bosnia, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the politics of the Arab world, Europe and the United States.  She also has extensive experience covering Canadian federal and provincial politics.

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