Reel Talk Campus Film Night

The films you hate to love, and love to hate sprinkled with comedic commentary.

What is Reel Talk?

Part film screening, part comedy show. This is an interactive film night for people who would rather laugh than cry their way through Hollywood representations of gender, race, class, sexuality and other aspects of identity.

Through humour and pop culture criticism, 2-3 Reel Talk team members guide students in exploring Hollywood’s good, bad and ugly sides when it comes to topics like consent, objectification, and mental health.


The Reel Talk Team

Brought to you by a team of pop culture commentators and comedians including Steph Guthrie, Scaachi Koul, Bee Quammie, Gillian Goerz, and Amy Wood. Two or three members attend the event and guide audiences in hilariously calling out problematic parts of the movie.

More Than Just a Film Night

Events include interactive running commentary, thematic food and drink, friendly contests, photo booths and a list of the film’s recurring tropes to which audience members can drink, yell, tweet or watch their flags.

The Films 

& Many More! View the full list here


“Yelling all your thoughts in a theatre mid-movie is the most liberating experience of my life.”


“Thanks for creating one of the happiest, safest, witchiest, prettiest, funniest spaces I’ve ever experienced.”

-Tanya Ti

“I feel like I’m at a feminist flavour of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.”